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F.SERGENT 2020-12-01 1200

Hi, happy new year Matt and all members!
First drawing of 2020 done yesterday afternoon with some finish adjustments today.
Not completely satisfy with it, it seems not so bad alone but you can see errors with the reference by side. Head too long i think and more wide, but i am not necessarely searching for full likeness, i draw it because i like the mood, the posture of the photo.

I have not really draw since end of september, except the eye practice i have share last time (two or three weeks ago), i was like “what’s the point? where to go with that?”. I am coming accross that kind of feeling of satisfaction/unstatisfaction when looking at my drawings at different part of time (maybe you can see what i mean looking at my insta @freser_art).

I would like to do more, be more consistent, progress and produce something with i am able to do at my level, but i am not finding the correct way neither the body of work (recurring issue for me). And it’s like i am turing around or the hamster wheel.

You have already discuss that kind of questions. But i have not find yet the key, and it is where i am today, not so easy to explain too, so sharing that with you if you can help. I like drawing women beauty, portrait, figure drawing, they are the most reccuring in my drawings.
Any advice will help or course i should follow in priority regarding where i am today.

Thanks in advance.


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January 12, 2020

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