Fred S. – Eyes practice

Hi Matt, 

Continuing features of the face course, eyes practice. Starting lesson 3 at the upper left corner, and following lesson 4 just under with the first eye and finally continuing to process to almost finish all the head … difficult¬† to stop when going ahead, its kind of thing i am just not able to do: draw for just a limited time, so each time i have to start i know that i will do it for a long time, sometime i even not start because i know it will take me too more time. The same for some other activity, like guitar or even work.

Anyway i disgress, any feedback well apreciated on my drawing. Thanks in advance.

– Fred


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February 9, 2020


  1. Alan Franceschini

    The face looks great!

    • Frederic SERGENT

      Thanks Alan.

  2. Shannon Wolford

    This looks professional.

    • Frederic SERGENT

      Thanks Shannon. Still lot of work and practice to look pro but your comment is encouraging.

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