Hi Matt,

I drew the forearm of the last bone study.

1-There are some muscles that I am not sure about if I get them correct. For example, I am not sure if the elbow bone looks like a triangle, as I did and if the Anconeus muscle is a bigger triangle below the elbow, as I did ? 

2-Could you please explain the ridge muscles (Brachioradialus and ECRL)? I am not sure if they insert at the thumb, but in the photo reference, I see they stop at the middle of the lower arm ! And there are also these thumb muscles below at the wrist, which I am not sure about either!

3-Lastly could you please check the form lines? I tried to do variety in the lines, but I feel they don’t give the muscles a 3D form, like the triceps and the ridge muscles, which look flat! And I don’t know if I overdid them in some places !?


Thanks alot



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September 23, 2023

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  1. Nadim Chreide

    Sorry to write an extra comment, but could you please fix the knuckles of the hand, because I didn’t know how to draw them?
    thanks alot

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