Hi Matt,

1-Inregards to the bones.  I struggled to draw the Epicondyles of the Humerus in the correct perspective! And also struggled to draw the clavicle bone, acromion process, and scapula bone!

A-What are the landmarks that you use to know the positions and perspectives of the Humerus epicondyles?

B-Does the head of the humerus always sit below the acromion process, and how big is the head of the humerus?


2-Inregards to the muscles, does the Ulna bone separate the flexor and extensor group muscles? And do I need to know each name of the extensor and flexor muscles and their origin and insertion, or is it more important to know the group of them as one part? (I tried to learn each one of them, but they are too complex; even their names are hard for me to remember!)





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September 2, 2023

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