Hi Matt,

1- I did the drawing of the forearm. I tried to do variations of lines like straights vs curves to make interesting design shapes, like the biceps being straight and the triceps being curved, but I don’t know if it still feels realistic and natural? 

2. Regarding the construction forms, I found a reference to a comic artist where he started the arm by drawing the circles in the center, then connected lines, and then over them, he drew two cylinders, one for the forearm and one for the upper arm. (I attached it next to the reference photo.)

a. Why didn’t he put the small circles based on anatomical landmarks like one for the humerus, one for the elbow, and a third one for Ulna’s head, like what I did over my photo?

b-I tried to draw two cylinders for the arm as he did, but I don’t know why it’s not proportional like him, like my cylinder forearm looks too small where his cylinder looks proportional even though his arm is as muscular as mine!?





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September 10, 2023

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