Forearm study 2

Forearm-Bones Study2

Hi Matt,

I did another forearm study, and I tried to apply everything I learned from your last feedback, like your method of construction and opposite Cs.

1-a. Regarding the bones, could you please explain how you spot the lateral and medial epicondyles because you always draw them for me without explaining how I can do it?

I tried to analyze the epicondyles, and I found that they are next to the elbow from both sides, and they look like lines next to each other! Is that right?

b. Regarding the ulna and the radius, should they touch each other at the wrist area and the elbow area? I always draw them with a lot of gaps between them, and in real photos, they look like they touch each other!

c. Regarding the head of the humerus, is it found under the medial head of the deltoid?


2: Regarding the opposite Cs, I don’t know if I did a lot of opposite Cs, like the last two from the same side where the thumb muscles Pollicis and where the hand is!


Thanks alot



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September 16, 2023

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