First Portrait (Matthew)


I recently signed up and this is my first post here. 

My background
I have no formal training in art but have always wanted to study it. My interest in art stems from my other hobby that is dear to me, that being fantasy/sci-fi. I have been playing miniature wargames since I was little and was always captivated by the artwork. My overall dream would be to one day make the kind of art I’ve seen in those books. 

My favorite artists include:

  • Les Edwards
  • Karl Kopinski
  • Ian Miller
  • Paul Bonner
  • Frank Frazetta
  • Adrien Smith

I personally feel overwhelmed and never sure in which direction to go in order to improve. Looking forward to getting feedback and direction.

Thank you,
Matthew Masiello


Posted on

February 7, 2023

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