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Hero_Study (Structure)-65cf9752

Hi Matt,

I uploaded the skeleton and construction shapes without final drawing because I think I still have alot of problems with drawing them correctly!

1-Inregards to the reference. Did I draw landmarks of Rib cage, Pelvis, clavicle bone correctly over the image? Pelvis was not sure if It’s like the short or higher like what I did!

2-Inregards to the skeleton I think I didn’t get the symmetry of the pose and for the patella I’m not sure if it’s circle that big! Also, not sure if I spotted the Greater Trochanter correctly!

3-Inregards to the construction shapes, also I have problems with symmetry because the skeleton was off! I feel the shapes of the legs wrong and the space between upper leg and lower leg weird!




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June 26, 2022

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