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Hi Matt,

One of my original takeaways was your never dark enough. Lately I’ve been too dark. So I thought I’d stop to get your comments before I go further. I’m still unsure of edges, when to lose them, how dark, how wide etc. I darken if its in front. Don’t stop the lines short. Thought it made sense to lose the edge on the legs and arm, but not her right hand? I kept the edge on the back and threw in some convex lines. Would you have done different? I was looking to throw in some contour lines, but they just didn’t look good, so I didn’t.
The eye areas are pretty dark, I put detail on her right, but the left I just drew a dark shape. Is that the way to handle it? Little noses and fingers still a problem.
Her butt shadow doesn’t have a shadowy look? Abdomen folds a little off?
Look forward to your comments.

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July 3, 2022

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