Figure Drawing A Layered Approach: Combining the Techniques – Chris M


Hi Matt,

I learned a whole lot from this drawing. There was a point where it was super ugly and I thought about trashing it and starting over, but I pushed through (thanks to your teaching), and I’m glad I did. Once it got past the last ugly stage I had much more fun with it. 

I was at a conference the other day when the speaker said, “The goal is progress, not perfection.” I applied that logic to this drawing. It is not perfect, the likeness is not there, and there are many drawing errors, but rather than get all perfectionist and frustrated with it, I decided to do my best and chalk it up to progress. It is much more fun to take the “progress over perfection” road.

When you look at this piece, what do you notice? How can I improve?

-Chris M


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September 23, 2019

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