Figure Drawing

It’s me, Steven Kent.


This is a figure I drew on January 24, 2020. I used Bazig 2B pencil on Strathmore “Drawing” paper, 80 lb. I tried using the following techniques to draw a sexy looking figure: rough skeleton, opposite ‘C’s, mummification lines, standing up and walking away before looking at your paper from a distance, plum lines. I didn’t spend the most time rendering this, because I need time to draw from the imagination, which was an unbelievably major weakness I had in 2019, which I am fixing this year. 


How are my opposite ‘C’s? How do I “see” opposite ‘C’s in a figure from imagination (although this one was from reference). I have not completed either figure drawing from life or from imagination course, but I’m more actively working on it. That’s another thing I’m doing this year. 


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January 25, 2020

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