Female Figure Drawing

Female Figure Drawing_critAug15-94e79f7b

Hi Matt,

I drew this Female from your Anatomy course in Mucha Style, where I tried to add more convex lines.

1-Inregards to the ball shapes construction over the photo. Did I draw the Rib cage and pelvis balls correctly because I feel they are wrong also the circle for the patella!

2-How you drew the bottom of the left side of the rib cage and how you detect the top of the letter A of the rib cage? Is it lower the breast or aligned with the lower breast line?

3-Inregards to the drawing. I tried to draw the knee in his style where add a lot of short curvy lines at the knees! Also, I left the feet unfinished and angled like him! Did I draw them correct?





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August 14, 2022

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