Female bust


Hi Matt,

I took a challenge doing this portrait. This may be a WIP since I did not do the multiple shadows and decided to have only one light source to make it simple, in my humble opinion. Work was done on a gray toned paper, 11×14, and using pencils, at times carbon pencils, and white chalk.

This work took many hours, and it was not easy but complicated and tedious, but I needed to learn the technique of straight vertical, horizontal, and obliques lines since I am more familiar with the grid method which is somewhat cumbersome. I like this method better since it is simple and uses the negative spaces.

Thank you for the critique,




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February 13, 2021


  1. sebastien labrecque

    Hi Moises , i really like it!

  2. Moises Menendez

    Thank you Sebastien!

  3. Zoran Popovic

    Hi Moises, great likeness here love it. Transition, edges, avoiding heavy lines are not easy to master. Proportions are special devil, here they are are perfect.

  4. Moises Menendez

    Hi Zoran,
    Long time, no see, like they say here in Arkansas. Thank you for your comments and I am glad you are also in this special group of artists following Matt’s tutorials. Currently in Arkansas we are having a severe winter storm which is rather rare so we are stuck at home. However, I am drawing at this moment.
    Again, thank you, and have a happy drawing!

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