Feb 13 Portrait Drawing Hangout


Hello! (I apologize in advance for the length of this!)

This is a drawing I did today during your Livestream YouTube “Portrait Drawing Hangout”. The most recent from any kind of reference, which of course, you provided. 

I’m excited about your web site – this seems too good to be true!

About me (I’ll be 52 this year) My oldest daughter went to my High School graduation (‘87). I went to a community college, got an Associates in Arts, had a second child, transferred to UCONN, Storrs where I got my Bachelors in Fine Arts. 

I did not readily love ‘digital drawing’ (preferred the “traditional” way) but became a graphic designer right out of college, doing freelance work and then worked for a few different companies in order to have a steady income as a single mom of 2.

I packed my ‘traditional’ art supplies away, and tried over the years to ‘get back into it’ but never had enough motivation to keep it up. I worked in graphic design until about 9 years ago when the company I worked for was sold and I did not like the new management.

I became a personal trainer during the transition of the sale, and have been ever since. I also work part time at a deli.

Long story kinda shorter – I have always loved drawing, I loved oil painting in college, had a wicked interest in animation, but unfortunately there were no degrees in that before I graduated.

Last year I had an opportunity to illustrate a children’s book, and time on my hands since the gym I worked for shut down for a few months because of COVID. 

The style was more “cartoony”, and I prefer figure or portrait drawing, but – I’ve also always wanted to illustrate a children’s book so I was pretty psyched about it! 

That opportunity made me drag out all my ‘old’ college art stuff which I have always kept.

The book was published (the author self-published through Ingrams Spark) and now I’m trying to keep the momentum going. I can’t afford to go back to college, though would love to get my Masters some day. 

I found you while trolling through YouTube looking for tutorials. I am psyched.

The End 🙂


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February 13, 2021


  1. Matthew

    What is your name?

  2. Mary Ransom

    Sorry, that would have been good to mention.

    My name is Mary Ransom

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