Features of the face course: Lesson 7 – The 3/4 Nose – Nancy


Slowly but surely working through the Features of the face course. Studies from Lesson 7 the 3/4 view of the nose.  

Drawing #1 (based on the course reference materials) is the submission for this week’s crit. My apologies for the eye. Drawings 2-6 are studies using the random expressions QuickDraw generator from the Bodies in Motion site.

Trying to avoid muddiness by keeping the lights light and darks dark and attempting slightly crisper linework with varied success. Practice, practice, practice. 🙂

Question(s) for this week: Do you ever reach the point of knowing when a long form drawing is (objectively) finished? With short form/timed drawings you have a deadline so you can stop and go “well, that’s what I can manage in three (5, 10) minutes”.

The more I draw longer form drawings, the less often I find them feeling “finished”. There’s always a *little bit more* shading that could be done here, or a few extra highlights pulled out there. Maybe it’s the longer time studying the reference and seeing more detail that could be added. Maybe it’s knowing that with a few more hours work I’ll be so bored with it I’ll be willing to let it go.

Should you set time limits for long form drawings as well or keep it open ended? Pretty sure this has been asked before. 😆

Thanks for your feedback and patience, as always.

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November 10, 2019

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