Features of the face course: Lesson 6 The Nose – Nancy


A bit all over the place with these studies for 1 – a mostly-front and 2 – fully front views of noses.

Drawing 1 is from the course reference, but using a Blackwing 602 graphite pencil. I’ll likely go back and try this one again with the ColErase just to test out how it feels. I like the softness of it but would have preferred it to be a bit more ”solid” feeling.

Drawing 2 is from a sample of an image of a man’s nose from the interwebs, using ColErase black. (I didn’t intend to add the eyes to it but then did and sort of regret it but c’est la vie). I suspect I lost the accuracy in the length/width of the nose for 2 because I didn’t stick to a consistent drawing angle. 😕

What I really liked about working on these was using a brush to help blend out some of the mid tones so I could better layer over them. (Great suggestion from Mike G. on that! I haven’t gotten to that lesson yet 🤭)

Any advice welcome, as always, Matt. Many thanks!

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October 26, 2019

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