Features of face-long eye/short nose,lips


Matt-Love/loved features of face videos!  I had been using a brush and kneaded erasur and tomboy already, but your videos helped to clarify how to use…I hope you don’t mind but this drawing shows my long drawing of the eye and I added a short/quick drawing of the nose and lips, and a quick general outline of the ear(after “first 20 minutes”).

I need clarification of use of brush and erasures:  do I avoid “muddiness” if I just use brush for blending the graphite in the first several minutes or is it more a practicing a light touch no matter when I use the brush-much like practicing getting light to medium values -practicing copying the gray scale with my mechanical pencil or Derwent HB?  Also, does this apply to using the kneaded erasure?I know when I was practicing with torso on the small profile video-I made his chest value too muddy and when I tried to apply the kneaded erasure I got write back to the white or toned surface and started all over-which I know is a good reason for applying pencil/graphite lightly!  And also for hair-is it better to do hair solidly first using brush and then pulling out individual hairs or shapes of hair that have light or dark values with kneaded erasure for Shapes or curves of hair and using the fine erasure point of my Tombow for very individual or subtle highlights-or lightest areas in profiles? Or, is  it another matter of practice the appropriate touch just like I do with my pencil?  Am I making any sense?(I did think my eye was pretty good-although I think I’m just missing capturing the direction to be looking down a millimeter more!)

anyway, as always I thank you for your wonderful instruction and critiques.

Peace, bob k


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August 15, 2019

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