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Shrinking (2)-4898e8e2

Here is my idea for the fear contest. I decided to do the theme of shrinking because I think that’s scary. You would have to face some very scary creatures and aren’t fun when you’re little. Instead of just showing a man shrinking, I wanted to add other phobias such as rats and spiders. (I think rats are cute, but I probably won’t like them when they’re bigger than me.) I added a leg to show that the man has shrunk. Now he faces the danger of being little. He has a napkin around him because his clothes didn’t shrink with him and he has a close pin for a weapon. This art isn’t no where as good as some that has already been submitted into the contest. You’re allowed to submit more than one piece of art, so I’ll do another one with the theme of abandonment, which I think would be a more simpler drawing.¬†

This will sound stupid, but I’ve been receiving videos on Youtube about something great is coming my way and I’m going to get blessings and all that, but I know it’s because I had to select one video of it that showed up and now others have to show up because that’s how the program works. It for some reason build up my hope to win some contest prizes. There are like already 1000 submissions.


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October 10, 2021

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