Hey Matt!

I followed the homework under the Fall Semester section, thanks for setting that all up, it’s a great follow up to the Zoom class!

I have a hard time with the fast gestures, as you can see here. Sometimes my initial line of action is at a wrong angle, or the curve is in the wrong place, but I don’t see it until I start with the opposite C’s and then check the negative space. So I guess that’s where I’m finding the most difficulty, and why it’s good for me to keep practicing it! 

I love this video of the sequential poses. My only suggestion if you do any more, is to maybe have a bell go off or some kind of sound effect so you know the pose has changed. Especially when they can be subtle changes.

I missed a few of them, as you can see I didn’t get all 8, and I’m not sure if I did one or two while looking at 2 different photos in the sequence because there wasn’t too much of a change.

I appreciate your time to critique these!
Thank you,


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September 26, 2021

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