Eric Pellegrin – Drawing of Tiepolo Painting

Here I attempted a master study in charcoal pencil of a Tiepolo painting. I was mostly trying to nail down the composition and values. The reference was cut out of a book and pinned next to my drawing paper on the drawing board. Since I was mostly measuring by eye, the composition got off track from the reference and I ended up cutting this short after fitting in most of the major details. I also think a medium charcoal pencil was too soft to start with. It was hard to draw lightly and frustrating to constantly try to maintain a point.

My goal is to use master studies and classical techniques to improve my cartoons and illustrations to the point where I’m comfortable doing that professionally, but also to be able to develop fine arts drawing and painting skills. My biggest challenge is having the patience to give a work of art the time it needs to succeed and to bring it to a pleasing finish.

Reference: “Saint Peter of Alcántara” by Giambattista Tiepolo (1767/1769)

Media: Daler Rowney Medium Charcoal Pencil on Canson 140lb Cold Press/Durable Surface Watercolor Paper


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February 1, 2020

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