Eduardo – Seeing Shadow Shapes


Hey Matt!

Assignment No. 2 for me, I really liked this lesson. One problem I´m getting is that I´m not sure how to work with the details in the shadow shapes, I find it a bit overwhelming when they start to get complicated and there are many in close proximity, should I try to “map” first the bigger shadow shapes that maybe define the form and from there work from big to small or should I just try to simplify a general “big shape” and not worry too much for now and work that later?

I also tried doing a bit more variety in terms of the line quality, for example, thicker and darker near the silhouette of the shadows or to define the form when it is close to a darker edge (right cheek against its cast shadow), but would love some general critique in terms of how to improve this. 





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August 2, 2021

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