Eduardo L. Drawing Accurate Shapes Ex. 1 (with ref.)

Drawing Accurate Shapes Ex. 1-b9644f74

Hey Matt!

New to the site! Subscribed cause I was looking for figure drawing instruction (which I am struggling quite a  bit…) and I received way more than I thought, super excited to chew through as much as I can with so much content! 


I did the first fundamentals lesson “Drawing Accurate Shapes” and I wanted to see how can I improve it, do you think it´s good practice to go and do an overall clean “line quality” or should I try to keep it loose as it is? Also, I´m having quite a bit of trouble on knowing how and when to simplify forms, for example, on the center of the hair, besides lines marked by shadows, how can one imply successfully the forms, and how much detail should be enough without going into full rendering? I´ve been also working hard on improving my accuracy on proportions, any tips or feedback on that would be great!

I´m trying to up my game in digital so the line quality is not as good as my “analog”, I´ll try graphite on paper next time to switch it up! 🙂

Also, is it fine to have my reference next to my drawing on the same image or should I separate them into two different posts?




-Eduardo L.


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July 15, 2021

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