Earl Morgan Golden Hours

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Hi Matt – I remember you asking me to get away from the pinup art as a reference but I had already started this one as an exercise in proportions and matching values. Its a work in progress.

Some things i noticed after photographing it. 

  • her torso is too elongated. I had thought i had gotten that proportion right before i started rendering her but I see now that its too long. Do you agree or am i seeing things?
  • The angle of her legs is wrong, too lateral
  • her face features are possibly too small, havent decided yet
  • the inner highlight shape on her left breast is wrong. i got over zealous with the upper shadow.
  • the hand is a mess i know… i havent given it much attention yet but its about to get erased and redrawn

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August 31, 2019

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  1. Cody Martin

    I’ve continued to widdle on the values but i think the vertical distortion in her upper body is a good reason to call it quits. Im not even sure its worth your review. I’ve also fixed her hand and thigh angle and glute in an updated version but i cant update this post.

    Happy to hear any other points that you can contribute on it but i think i know where its problems lie. #problemsEverywhere

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