Hi Matt

I absolutely love the zoom drawing classes! They have given me so much confidence. Even though I’m not able to attend them live I go back and do them another time and feel they are just as beneficial. I have younger kids that just get home from school at that time they would never allow me to go into my studio and draw but possibly in the summer if you are still doing them. The negative space technique has been my favorite so far. Also, I liked the model. I felt it was easier to draw a male and I’m not sure why, maybe just improving over all.

I drew the first session with the negative space with the box around. Then the second half I drew with the negative space in mind. I submitted my second half, I went back and spent about 45 extra mins on the first pose, 30 extra mins on 2nd pose, and 10 mins on the 3 rd pose.

Any suggestions would be great!




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January 21, 2021

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