Drawing Karen W

Drawing Karen W 2019

Hi Matt, Wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving! 

So this drawing came about by accident sort of. I was working on some eye exercises and went to print the picture and forgot I was out of color ink so it printed in BW.  I decided to draw the whole picture as I could really work with the tone. So, to me the darkerst darks are the hair and the shirt and eyebrows. Mid tones are the shadows on the left and the rest the lighter tones. I also darkend her right ear as much as I felt was matching to the over all feel of the piece.

I left the back ground on the light side as I just felt like her face is so strong that I didn’t want anything to compete with it at all, she is so pretty and I wanted a femine feel to the piece. I did start a subtle gradation on her left shoulder area just to think about it some more.

I stopped here as I didn’t want to keep adding graphite to the face/neck shadow as it was getting so “motley” looking. My question is can these types of shadows be “blended” with a brush to make them solid? I did try a brush to these areas but it may of been to soft. I mean it worked a bit but was hoping to get is solid….is this a fair excpectation?

Thank you Matt! Karen



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November 29, 2019

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