Drawing Karen W

Hi Matt,

I hope you are well! This weeks portrait practice. I am following along in the Portrait video that uses the bristle brush but using a different reference. I added some looser hair pieces and was not sure if I should do that in one area or sort of all over. Her hair is full of product so there wouldn’t be a lot but I made the additions soft so maybe they are appropriate. When I did the shadow shape for the neck and side of face I left just a bit darker area to define the jaw. I blended it with the brush to make it all look connected but am not sure about it. She has a very difficult nose to draw and I left the bump off of it. I mean I think I was seeing a bump but it didn’t look nice on the drawing. I left the hand in a mid tone with just enough dark in the shadow to make it a shadow. I felt that making it the same value as the other dark shadows it was distracting. Thank you for all of your help Matt and look forward to your critique!




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February 23, 2020

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  1. Kris Waelput

    Nice drawing !
    It will be interesting to look at each others critiques tomorrow.

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