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Hi Matt,

Sorry to send the same drawing down again but having spent the best part of my drawing journey with no guidance I realise I have always hung out on the light side of the grayscale  and seem reluctant to venture onto the dark side.  I have tried to adhere to the values that match the picture but through my eyes it appears to be all too dark and am not sure if this is a normal problem.  Just for reference the values for the side plane of his face were 4 but after chasing myself round in circles continually having to tone everything else down as I went along I only managed a value 5.  By this time was feeling if I went any darker his face would disappear into an abyss.  Working this dark is completely alien to me and raises the question as to whether I should be choosing pictures that work in the darker spectrum of values?  Look forward to your views.  Many thanks Jan  


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February 2, 2020

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