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Hi Matt,

Was asked to do this picture in watercolour for a friends birthday and didn’t have the heart to refuse.  This is a preliminary drawing just as a planning out stage.  Specific questions are firstly the background; in order for her face to come forward should I do a really dark background or can I get away with doing a dark red/purple (which I prefer).   Secondly the facial shadows, should I darken the value on the shadow side bearing in mind that apart from the side planes am leaving the rest white.  Really am going for simplicity here Matt as I can’t approach it like I would a pencil drawing as I don’t have the watercolour skills.  Really the same with the hair, should I just be making the suggestion of a strand of hair here and there or going for more detail by blocking in shapes with value.   Likeness;  I think there is something off with her left eye and I lost her mouth immediately I painted it, is there anything else off (just facial features) that I need to pay attention to when I redraw it?  Look forward to your help/suggestions.  Many thanks


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March 1, 2020

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  1. Jan Geddes

    hi Matt, Think what I meant to get across is how to strip a picture down to the basics but still make an effective drawing. Is it even possible?

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