Drawing Jan G

Hi Matt,

I know it looks as if I’ve ignored what you said last week and I get it about choosing your photo references wisely but this picture was really about forcing myself to commit to really dark values and seeing if I could produce a more powerful image.  It didn’t come without it’s struggles for example the side of his face coming out of the dark shadow appears to be the same value on my drawing as the opposite side plane which it isn’t meant to be however my grayscale confirms my values are correct.  So a bit of a battle going on here with what I think I see as opposed to what the reality is.  With regards to the contrast wasn’t really sure whether I should leave the light areas as white paper or whether it should be more muted.   Should I have gone darker with the background?  

Throughout the process I have been constantly thinking about soft and hard edges, using line to suggest something wrapping around, balancing values and applying these where I can.  In terms of what I set out to do I have achieved that, I stuck rigidly to what the grayscale was telling me even though my brain would scream NO NO it’s too dark and feel it’s a step in the right direction.  As to how the picture reads as a whole as always look forward to your comments.   


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February 9, 2020

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