Drawing Accurate Shapes -Carole -and portrait sketches

IMG_6207 (2)-f79d21ca

This was hard and I did a lot of measuring. It looks smudgy and that’s because I did a lot of erasing and doing over. And I seem to get a lot of pencil on my hand which ends up on the image.  I can see I need lots of practice. 

Since I left early last week here are a couple of portrait sketches too.  I am still way behind trying to catch up.  Hope you do not mind that I added them. I am going to work on the portrait homework this coming week.

There are many artists whose work is beautiful to  me, such as Vermeer and Klee for their pure images, and I love Chagall who shows feelings and blurs the boundaries between imagination and everyday.



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November 1, 2021

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