Don – Zoom 6/22/2021 My Drawing


Hi Matt,

Sorry I missed the live zoom, but I had to go out of town.  I really appreciate that you did the straight line and on a portrait that has front light.   After seeing how you do this, it seems more like you are mentally going in a straight line to a target, but when you draw, you organically approach the target.  It seems the starting line really helps you see the target more accurately.  I found that drawing eyes was much easier using angles, and then modifying the shape.

The drawing I have submitted was drawn along with the zoom class replay.  I did not do any more drawing after the zoom replay, so this is how my drawing is at the end of the zoom class. Please take that into consideration.  Everyone one on the Q&A has such really good drawings.  I feel that I am really struggling to keep up, but I do like the push to be better.

Thank you very much for doing this zoon class.



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June 26, 2021

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