Don MyDrawing – Composition through Landscapes: Center Line


I used the Col-Erase and General’s charcoal white on toned paper.    The boat in the middle was very difficult for me to draw accurately. It seemed that my mind was in a battle of what it thought the boat looked like and what the boat actually looked like.  It’s like I can see it, but my hand doesn’t understand how to draw it. It might have been the perspective.   I got to the point where it was time to move on. 

I kind of got into the feel of the sand, water and clouds and did not intend on copying them.  I was trying to control the values and edges so that the boat was the first thing seen.    I would have liked to have made the boat darker like the mountains in the upper right, but with all the erasing and do-overs I think the paper got polished and would not take the Col-erase anymore (even when the art supplies were threated).   Not my best work.

 Did the hard lines on the center boat and softer lines in the back ground items working right? 

Thank you for your time and best wishes on the health issues.



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March 27, 2021

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