Don-Managing value Ratios


Don-Managing value Ratios

I still have to do a lot of draw, measure, erase, and draw again. I don’t think I am making more errors, I think I can just see them easier.  A lot of the times I get places “on the nose” and a lot of the times I get “what the heck!”  Please tell me accuracy without constant measuring will get better with practice as time goes on.  I am seeing the alignments of the individual parts with each other much better now due to your critiques of my drawings and others.  This is such a great thing that you do each week. Thank you.


I think I am getting the solids shapes better.  Would it be a good idea to do these beginning drawings on toned paper and add white chalk?  What do you see that I need to work on the most?





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February 6, 2021

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