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Hi Matt

I took a lot of measurements to get the accuracy. I cannot use a ruler and remember the number measurement while thinking in images.  So, I used some dividers.  I would select a target, measure off from the left of the framed area, measure from the top of the framed area, and then locate the target on my paper.  This helped me to keep things from getting out of control.  There is still a lot of feel-the-line as you draw between a couple of targets.  I hope this will eventually lead to having to do a lot less measuring.  (I also do some drawing where I do no measuring at all, but it shows.)

I had been using a 2B pencil and my shading always came out blotchy with small black crumb dots.  Maybe that was the pencil?  So, when I did this drawing I shifted to a much harder pencil, 2H, which I did most of the drawing.  Now I think I understand about layering.  You have to go over an area several times and slowly darken the areas.  Is that what you mean by layering?  It also seems I am being able to see more subtle light and shadow values changes.  I think the shaded areas were much better in being solid, but what do you think? 

The 2H was not getting the dress dark enough and started polishing the paper tooth.   So, I switched to an HB pencil.  On the dress folds, I did not do measurements.  I just took a look at the reference dress and did the folds in a similar manner or the genre of the fabric.  Is that a good way to do this, or am I way off here?

Thank you for the critiques.





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February 19, 2021

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