Diego – Drawing Accurate Shapes Lesson


Hi Matt,

here’s my drawing for the accurate shapes lesson in the begin here step by step course.

A couple of things to say (sorry for the wall of text):

  1. I don’t currently have a printer and with the lock down I couldn’t even go out and print the reference image, so I had to make do by having the reference pic on the monitor at a specific zoom level (which I kept constant) and to reproduce the frame on the paper with the exact dimensions measured with a ruler on the monitor itself. I understand it’s not ideal, however I didn’t have much choice regarding other reference pictures as I don’t really have good printed references.
  2. I had to take a picture of the drawing with the phone since I don’t have a scanner, and getting the right angle was nearly impossible, so I had to line up the grids with Photoshop. Again not ideal.

So I understand if you could not give a proper critique on this, since having all those variables in place the measurements will be off anyway, regardless of how I actually managed to draw the statue, however I decided to post it anyway as a way to call the lesson complete and move on with the videos.

Also I have a question:

My hands shake and there’s little I can do about it. It’s something neurological I got from my father. It’s benign, so nothing to worry about, however it does impact how I draw lines especially going very slow as you suggested. Would it be OK if in these slow lines exercises I sped up just a little (especially on longer lines), always keeping in mind the general principles of looking a lot at the drawing, and avoid the chicken scratches? Or is it better to just go slow even if the lines are shaky?




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May 10, 2020

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