David R- portrait

DTO 12 APR 20

Hi Matt

I’m looking forward to catching your live lessons- time zones and work keep me missing them.

Questions for this week:

Where best to place outlines to break up a soft form like this?

Use of the white charcoal. It seems to look out of contrast (too bright) when I first layer it, even if I try to get a couple of values with the white and blend it in with a H pencil. Then I knock it back with a brush and it looks smudged because the graphite mixes. I’ve tried practising value scales and spheres etc with the white. Any help!!


Thanks- keep well…




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April 10, 2020


  1. Ebony Simpson

    I love this portrait study David…your use of hard lines combined with tones are really nice. I see what you mean by the white being bright; maybe “upping” the contrast in the dark tones will balance it out? I am looking forward to seeing the finished peice 😀

    • David Russell

      Thanks Ebony!

      I got the white charcoal sorted out today after rewatching Matt’s tutorial on mixed media and trying his technique out in a few spheres. I needed a much lighter touch to the layering to build up the values. Lesson learnt!🙄

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