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Hi all, iam a new member, and this is my first upload for the critique area. Drew it from lesson 8 reference, modeling forms. Was a great topic and i could learn quite a lot from it. I was aiming to get better at the areas of measurement, values and overall drawing improvement. Since i always tend to go fast, i slowed myself down quite a bit this time, and regularly stepped back. Stepping back really helped a lot!  The eyes dropped a bit out of place, which i realized a bit late. I did not cared too much about the hair parts, but i tried a few different approaches with that. My main focus was within the facial area. Still, it got a bit smushy, need to work on getting things done way cleaner. Also had some issues to get the mouth area down. But the overall drawing got quite good for my skill atm.

I like the more then less attitude! Always watching or listening while drawing, feels a bit like a real art school here, with someone behind saying: keep your lights light! (;

Next for me is lesson 9 and to improve on facial features.

Was quite an improvement for me, glad to be a member here!

Drew it with a faber castell oil base hard and medium on smooth, heavy weight paper. Should be something about 6 hours


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April 4, 2020

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