Da Vinci’s Old Man…


Hi Matthew,

I don’t have much reference/copy stuff from life so I’m including this sketch I did from Da Vinci.

It was done on iPad with Procreate but I’ve recently started using paper and pencil/charcoal.

I am a writer and want to illustrate the many books (“Storybooks for All Ages”) I have written. I am looking for an illustration style that will appeal to children and adults alike, as this is the intention of the writing.

My goal in signing up to DTO is to build foundations in drawing and composition. What I create at present is far too hit-and-miss—my few successes are chance happenings rather that the product of know-how and skill.

So I include this reworking of the Da Vinci as a way of dipping my toe and getting started with the site. If I could, I would improve the arm: line quality, form, contour (“mummification”), and shadow… the whole deal!

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January 19, 2021

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