Composition Wendy

Hi Matt, 

This is a drawing that I made after a picture taken in India. Same questions as last week: can you see my compositional shapes ? Where do you look ? The reference was very much left centerd, so I changed it a little bit and tried to rebalance it by adding a counterweight and some texture. Do you think it works ? Thanks in advance for your critique.



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February 23, 2020


  1. Jan Geddes

    Really like this drawing and the way the eye (well mine) is immediately drawn towards the buildings. Particularly like your use of contrast. Well done.

  2. Nancy Gilbert

    Lovely work, Wendy! My eye starts with the cluster of buildings to the middle left, travels down the lighter crenellations of the main structure to the lower middle right then veers up along the lighter values against the shadows of the valley section to the background. I really like the texture of the various foliage.

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