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Hi Matt,

I start lately to feel comfortable with values, so I think it’s the right time to study colors!

I struggled a lot with color matching, I am trying to match the colors visually without using the eye dropper to get better eyes for colors!

1- Could you please explain the colors of this portrait like where Sargent used the cool colors and the warm colors, and why there is red color at the terminator lineĀ  and why there are many colors on the beard like yellow orange, red, yellow, orange gray and also there are many colors on the white shirt below!

2-My problem when I see a dark color like the hair or the upper background or the jacket in this portrait, I didn’t know their color if it’s warm or color or the right hue of it!

Also, the same issue with white of the shirt, of the eyes, and highlights on the skin. I don’t know their color!

3-I also struggled to know the local color of every material in this portrait, I don’t know if I get it them right, also the eyes color look not correct, I didn’t know how to match it!




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November 21, 2021

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