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Hi Matt,

I am focusing now on color matching and trying to get better with colors!

1-I struggle with getting the right local color of each object, I think the curtain color is little different and ground fabric not sure if it’s bluish gray as I did! From which area would you get the local color of the apple?

2-Inregards to the shadows of the apple, I just did darker color of the local color to get the shadows but does the Saturation of the shadows changes¬† like get less saturation or more ! I don’t understand yet how the saturation of the color changes and when it changes?

In the Orange or the Lemon the shadows, I think it gets more saturated, but I don’t know why, and get more red around the shadows edges for some reason that I didn’t understand!

3-Inregards to the highlights on the apple, the color get less saturation, but I don’t know why ! Does the highlights always get less saturation and the shadows get more saturation, and in which cases it happens?





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November 21, 2021

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