Hi Matt-trying Col-Erase on 400 series Strathmore-I realize it need much work on rendering but once again, I need some input/suggestions about bringing out various value levels to achieve more depth.  Modeling to bring out various aspects of the horses hair-I’m trying different strokes to get contour and shadow like along his nose-and the direction and “look” of the horse’s eye towards his handler-is,I think, almost there(?!)and again, my typical trouble with back ground-how much how little to bring emphasis to an almost circular “embrace” of horse and handler—if you know what I’m trying to say. I know it’s probably not the best photo-her face is so pale-but I was attracted to the connection between horse and handler.  So any suggestions, critique.

thank you, as always for your time-hopefully you are giving yourself a Labor Day weekend break and not critiquing until tuesday or Wednesday! Peace, bob k


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September 1, 2019

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