Children and Parents Gymnastics, Dieter Frank

Hi Matt,

hope everything is fine on your end. Here we are in the middle of summer with nice weather.

I had and will have to illustrate scripts for my wife about children gymnastics. She gives classes to trainers about that subject. Therefor I developed a character style to make it easy to show the movements and exercises and create many scenes with a minimum of effort.

In the picture I send I show a selection of scenes I did so you can see the different utilizations of that style.

For the critique I picked the one with the green frame to keep your effort reasonable.

It shows an exercise of a mother with a child and a ball to practice throwing skills.

Any comment and proposals for improvement are very much appreciated

Thank you so much for your effort.

Regards and all the best, (Dieter) Frank


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June 15, 2022

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