Charcoal Portrait Practice

This is a charcoal portrait on toned paper I recently finished, this was very experimental, I tried using various types of charcoal from Nitram to Conte to Willow and a combination of those I felt worked for what I was trying to achieve.

I found myself sticking to the Conte Noire, Conte 2B and White Charcoal pencils. I started with Nitram, however, the paper I was using at the time was not appropriate for those particular charcoal sticks.

Late last year, I found myself in a slump, I have had this account for a while now and have been slowly chipping away at the beginners section but found that I was constantly giving myself a hard time, so I had trouble maintaining consistent practice, however, I continued practicing as regularly as I felt able.

Now, a few months later, after finding ways to better manage my time and practice, I am slowly seeing improvement. I feel, my passion for drawing and my drive to pursue my aspirations burn brighter than ever.

With a little practice, I am slowly becoming better at managing my learning and my life.

I am currently working on drawing accurate shapes, it is very similar to what I learned when I studied at an atelier and I’m finding myself really enjoying this section of the course.


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February 10, 2020


  1. Matthew

    What is your name? Did you use photo reference. I put the critique under Charcoal Portrait.


    • Paul Ainsworth

      Hi Matt,

      My name is Paul Ainsworth, I did use a reference, sorry I will post it now.

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