Charcoal pencil portrait drawing Zoran

Adrien Drawing-85d0aa94

Done on white paper, with Marie’s Charcoal :Normal” and “Extra soft” pencils charcoal core is 5 mm casing made of compressed paper, pencil D=8 mm. 

First drawing using this pencils. Love it.

Matt, it is unfinished. let me know where I can improve here. I need fresh eye.



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February 14, 2021


  1. Moises Menendez

    Great work Zoran. I saw the movie as well. This actor won the oscar as well.
    What I like about your work is that I immediately recognized the actor without looking at the reference photo. Also, what I like on your portrait is the intensity of the dark values, something you cannot get using graphite pencils. I may have to get those pencils. Thank you Zoran.


    • Zoran Popovic

      Thank you Moises, and you are right about graphite. It’s hard to find pencils with minimal grayish-silver-ish reflection under certain light angles. These pencils are among few brands with wide core and material density allows you to model its tip to a chisel with a fine edge for details and mini shading. High end quality graphite.
      Amazon does not have it any more, they were sold there only for about a year?!
      If I found source of it I will let you know. They feel like 6700 Ivory Black that Matt is using…


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