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Hi Matt,

I did another character value study for the same artist!

I would like to ask you about the difference between Specular Highlight and Matte Highlight! I did research about it and  I read that Specular Highlights appears between the light source and the highlight, but I didn’t understand it!

Furthermore, I gave the teeth brighter value, but it looks  not good! But why the artist did this character local value darker than the other character? 

Lastly I would like to ask you, I am almost at the end of this course, and I’m not sure If I should study first color theory or anatomy, both are very important for me? But I think Figure Drawing and Anatomy take a lot of time like a year or two!  maybe  I can finish Color Theory in few months, and then I move to the Figures, or should I study little Figure Drawing, and then I move to Color Theory?





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September 19, 2021

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  1. nadim chreide

    Sorry, I wrote a sentence wrongly! The Specular Highlights appear halfway between light source and eye! But what is the light situation for this character? Is it 2am according to the light direction? But the background is dark!


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