Character Study Michael B

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Hi Matthew,

I am now two years onboard and I’m not sure if should go on with DTO. 
It was a great time to study with You. You friendly shared all Your wisdom about drawing and teaches in a very pedagogical way.
I still lack so much of skills in Portrait and Gesture drawing. But it’s my fault I keep not working strait enough on these issues even though I studied many hours a day. In the last year, I was more focused on Watercolor.

Do You have any suggestions on how to go on?

I did this portrait and a lot of other studies for my daughter’s Drama Company. 

In this early stage when the visual outlook must develop, I use photos of the actors and wrap them around in clothing, hair, and mascara as it is described in the mood board.
This is done with ink, stick, and watercolor.


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May 10, 2022

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