Character sheet – Alan


Hi Matt,

I wanted to show you this character sheet where I started off from a reference of a model in underwear and drew over some clothes and hairstyles while keeping in mind some sheets that I saw on Amanda Jolly’s websites and that I’m uploading as reference.

I drew the first set of clothes from imagination wanting to convey the idea of simple sporty and comfortable clothes without too many useless details. I then looked up some references and changed things up a bit. In the end I settled on the design that you see all the way to the right, so very close to my first sketch.

I would like to practice taking something like this and making it presentable, so what changes do you think I should make?

What I’m thinking about are things like should I make the outline all the same color, should I put some tone in there, maybe even flat colors, I was thinking about painting and rendering the final design, how should I organize the page, how many variations should I keep, are they too similar, etc.

Anyway let me know how you would approach it.

Thanks a lot,



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August 10, 2020

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