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Hi Matt,

this is another sculpture from the MET. It is called Alpheus and Arethusa.

This is the background of the story:

“Drawn from Ovid’s Metamorphoses, the subject may have been suggested by Borghini himself. The goddess Diana’s nymph Arethusa, tired from hunting, bathed in a river. The river god Alpheus became enamored of her and gave chase; as she was about to be caught, she implored Diana to save her. The goddess rescued Arethusa by transforming her into an underground stream, whose spring is in Sicily. The sculptor seized on the climactic moment in the story when the nymph is captured, just before her metamorphosis. “

I was always fascinated with Greek and Roman mythology and I read a lot of these stories as a kid but I never realized until now how full of violence and mature content they are. I mean this sculpture basically brings to life a near rape scene that is barely avoided by some supernatural transformation. Mythology was the equivalent of  Hollywood in the old times, and these sculptures were part of the entertainment industry.


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April 4, 2020

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