Cast drawing #1 by Chrystele

Cast Drawing #1 - Chrystele-2eb03413

I am sorry, I am reposting my drawing as I did not know that I had to mention my name in the image title box!

So, it is my first drawing. I enjoyed to draw this statue because I love cast drawings but I’ve never drawn one before. It was a long process to finish it (mostly the belly and the clothing). I used a Derwent graphite 2B and I liked it for the most part except one issue:

  • sometimes, I felt that the pencil lead was scratching the paper and leaving blacker marks than my initial pressure. It sounds harmless but it was really annoying at times. Is this a defect in the pencil and is there anything I can do about it?

I feel that I did not render enough the light on the clothing where it meets the ‘statue’s skin?’ What do you think or/and how to add more light?

Thank you in advance for your teaching and any feedback that can help me improving.




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February 17, 2021

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